Lost Girls of South Africa


True Vision Foundation 

True Vision Productions was founded in 1995 by Brian Woods and Deborah Shipley to make international campaigning documentaries.  A number of charities have grown out of the film we have made - from COCOA, Care Of China'a Orphaned and Abandoned which was founded in 1996 as a result of the film, The Dying Rooms, through to The Campaign for Bulgaria's Abandoned Children which director, Kate Blewett started in 2008 after the film Bulgaria's Abandoned Children. In 2009, the directors of True Vision decided that instead of repeatedly creating new bespoke charities, The True Vision Foundation (registered charity No. 1110096, formerly The Orphans of Nkandla Trust, set up support the children from that film) would be created to channel viewers donations and support contributors who take part in our films.  We will continue to work closely with charities that support the wider issues raised by our films, and will direct viewers to these charities if they wish to help people in similar situations to those depicted in the films.  The Foundation is for those viewers who SPECIFICALLY want to help the individuals featured in our films. Each film will have it's own account, and donations to that account will be used solely in connection with helping the characters from that film. 

To download the Trust Deed of the True Vision Foundation, click here.